Mapless Adventures

Welcome to Mapless Adventures! An adventure travel blog that specializes in sharing personal experiences, mixed with guides, travel tips, and a little bit of history. My name is Nicole, the solo-female traveler behind these crazy Mapless Adventures. I’ve traveled to 22 countries and counting, in a combination of budget backpacking, group tours, partner/friend travel, and the occasional luxury travel. I’ve been sharing my stories with the world since 2012. 

What is "Mapless Adventures"?

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Growing up in America, we learned young to set goals and have plans. I was living my life according my plan: go to college, go to graduate school, get a job. Totally and complete mapped OUT.

Reality hit and my life came to a screeching halt at my graduate school graduation in 2011. What the hell do I do now? It was here that Mapless Adventures was born.

Mapless Adventures is more than traveling without maps; it’s about living life without a map. I realized that I didn’t want to follow a traditional plan and check boxes off with age. I wanted to take on whatever adventure as they came without fear of missing a step. The good, the bad, the ugly. This is the real me. My life. My Mapless Adventure! No Map. No Plan. Just Life.

I hope you find these stories combined with travel guides, tips and history helpful as you venture through your own Mapless Adventures!


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