Family Fun In Iowa

This past week I have spent some quality family time here in Iowa. The first weekend in Iowa was spent at a 2 day Voss family Reunion in Woolstock, Iowa that happens every 3 years. The first reunion took place in 1986 and I have made every reunion since then except for the reunion in 2007. There were a total of 120 Voss’s that gathered for some food and fun in the sun, which included some horseshoes (won by my uncle and his girlfriend) and a hay ride.

I love Family. We are one good looking family 🙂

My amazing grandmother passed away in September and us cousins went to visit her. It was my first time at her grave sight and it was very emotional but I know she was there in spirit!

This photo is of my family a.k.a Leonard Voss’s Pack. We have everyone member except my cousin Ryan who is currently fighting over seas in Afghanistan.

Other than the family reunion, I got to spend the week at my favorite place on earth… My grandparents cabin. It has such a wonderful feel to be here, even though it gets pretty crowded with everyone here. There’s only bedding for 11 but we managed (thanks to my parents motor home that added another 4 spots) to sleep 16, with only 1.5 bath! The cabin is amazing because we have a boat and jet ski and tend to get pretty aggressive when we go tubbing! The only down fall with Iowa is the humidity and bugs (I have never been bitten this much in my life).

I’m the one in the yellow tube and my brother in law is in the other tube (it was his first time experiencing the Voss family cabin)

Another great thing about returning to Iowa is seeing my friends from college. I went back to Cedar Falls (UNI) to visit with my good friends. Although it was only for one night, it was so good to see everyone. I miss my college days at UNI and all the friends that I’ve made but I do love to hear about where everyone is at now a days. College life can only last so long before the real world hits. This next weekend will be just as fun too, as I am going to see more of my lovely friends!!! Good Times to come and overall I must say this was a much needed 10 days!!!!!

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