A New Leaf

Over the weekend, my wonderful parents got me an early Christmas/graduation/birthday present. It is a Canon EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR camera, and I have decided that with this amazing of a camera I’m going to start an adventure. My goal is to take at least 1 photo a day of anything. I know this sounds crazy, but with winter fast approaching I’m going to need something to take my mind off school even if just for a moment. Hopefully I will have some great photos in the near future.

Now as for the past:

After my return from Iowa, I ventured off on a ten hour drive to visit a friend in Denver, Colorado. It was a five day fun-filled packed weekend that consisted of: baseball (Colorado Rockies Game), animals (Denver Zoo), mountains (hiking in Breckenridge), and downtown Denver! I had the best time and cannot wait to go back, this time hopefully during the winter months for some skiing.
Hiking in Breckenridge

Devon and Myself at the Denver Zoo

Downtown Denver!

After I returned from Denver, I had to begin school again. Here are some updated photos of my school life adventures:
My friend Kailey and Myself in Downtown Flagstaff.

A few of the Speechie Girls in Downtown Flagstaff

Nerd Party with the Zeners

Bar Golf Bar Crawl in Downtown Prescott

Auntie-To-Be (Me), Mommy-To-Be (Michelle), Grandma-To-Be (Mom)

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