Wedding Filled Weekend

November has been one crazy and busy month so far, and it’s only going to get better! The past two weekends have been spent with my friend Beki; including her bachelorette party and her wedding. She is the first of my friends who have gotten married and it’s a little scary to think that 9 years ago when we meet we were both just scrawny little freshmans in high school and now one of us is married. Although it’s taken me about till now to recover from both weekends, it was fully worth getting to spend my friend’s most special day with her.
The bachelorette party took place out in Glendale, Arizona in the Glendale Arena mall area. It was a great time spent with great friends.
Oh Beki
Love my friend!
The Bachelorette Party
Her wedding was simply beautiful! It took place out in Mesa at a place called Villa Tuscana and the colors she picked out were beautiful!
Long Day of Getting Ready
The Beautiful Bride
My Amazing Parents
Friends Since High School
Myself with the Groom, Brian Dodd

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