Holidays 2010 minus New Years

Over the past month, my life became quite busy between the Thanksgiving holiday, school/finals and Christmas, which did not leave me much time to write.  Though, I can’t forget to mention that being a new aunt and trying to capture every moment of Jacob’s life has taken up a big chunk (all) of my spare time. So without further adieu: My Holiday Season. 

As usual, my family headed over to our friend’s, the Zener’s, house for the annual LanZen Thanksgiving Celebration, where delicious food was consumed and unforgettable memories were made. This year, like most years, we invited new friends to join us but the most exciting event of the evening was that my nephew (4 days old) was able to join in the fun for a few hours. Thanksgiving always comes at that perfect time of the year, right before finals, and provides a break from the mental strain school brings. 

Winter Break 2010
I finished off my second to last semester of classes up at NAU and lets just say I AM SO READY TO BE DONE. Nothing exciting is happening up north, just doing rotations and taking classes. After I finished up with finals I came home for the winter break where I have spent great time with friends and family and am ready for some more great times to come. The first Saturday of break I did a santa bar crawl called Santarchy and lets just say it was a good time.

We did our annual LanZen Fondue X-mas eve dinner which is a great time and too hard to explain. Photos don’t do the memories justice. For the first time in years, we were able to capture a full LanZen Family photo. As for Christmas day, we did a small Christmas celebration with delicious food and some movies.

My amazing and wonder family!

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