A Rocky Pointe Style New Year’s 2011

Rocky Pointe + Family + Friends + Good Times = New Year’s 2011

That really is the easiest way to describe this past weekend. I can’t remember a New Years that was this much fun in some time, especially since my younger cousin was able to experience Rocky Pointe, Mexico for the first time. Not to brag, but I do believe I showed her  one hell of an experience!
Rachel pictured in a hammock and swimming at Las Palomas, looking at the Shrimp Boats, and bringing in the New Year’s at Changa’s.
Where the true journey begins:

We get to Rocky Pointe late Thursday night and immediately head over to our friends condo for an easy night. Of course, lets be serious, it is Mexico after all. An easy night consists of food, drinks and games.

 Friday, the gang (too many to name) headed into town to visit our favorite fruit/veggie stand and have some drinks at Boobar, the place to be for a memorable good time, before our New Year’s dinner extravaganza!!!
Fruits and Veggies
Shrimp boats, oyster shells, the gang at Boobar, and the best sign at Boobar
For our dinner extravaganza, the children (note: we are all over the age of 20) were sent to the “kids” table so what do we do…
…we do TEQUILA SHOTS!!!! (Note: I am taking a shot of water…I don’t like Tequila)
As for the rest of New Year’s… 
Us children wandered out to a Changa’s, a local bar, at about 10:45pm and were back at the condo by 12:20am. We enjoyed Changa’s but realized that the condo offered just a little more than a crowed, elbow to elbow smokey bar; including, family, friends and the choice beverage for the evening. This shenanigans continued until the early hours of the morning.

As Saturday rolled around, everyone was pretty exhausted and the children realized it was more exciting to drink bloody mary’s and sit in the hot tub than go into town again, so that is exactly what we did. We had a fully thanksgiving dinner (thanks to Mama Z), along with scrumptious clams for dinner and not-to-mention were adult-free (though, I’m pretty sure they didn’t mind being “kid-free” for the evening). After dinner, and for our last night, were partied Rocky Pointe-style.

When Sunday came along, the fun-filled festivities had worn out the other kids. I was having WAY too much fun with my DSLR camera, so I wandered around the complex, the beach and then into town to take some random photos. Honestly, its hard not to be in such a lovely and scenic location and not take pictures daily. Rocky Pointe has some great opportunities for photography and I have learned to always ready to snap a shot.

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