Oh How I Love Vegas!!!

After a marvelous trip to Rocky Pointe for New Years, who would have thought 2011 could start off any better?! Well, not me. Mostly, because Vegas with my cousin, mom and aunt was so incredible. My aunt had the Computer/Electronic Convention in Vegas so the other three of us just tagged along for the fun, and fun we had. We stayed at the Belagio, where Lady Gaga was staying at and on our floor, none-the-less!
We arrived. We unpacked. We started shopping; but not before a little snack and drink at Ceaser’s Palace. By night we hit the town, well at least we made it to Paris Paris and Planet Hollywood. By midnight, it was time to party. So, Rachel and I ventured out on our own heading to Koi for some drinks while the mothers ventured home. All in all, day one was a success.
Top Middle: The door behind us is where Lady Gaga was staying!!!

Game of the Trip: Sex and the City (Rachel bottom left won $80-not fair)
Oh Thursday, you and I were not good friends. It was little rough start but the day was well spent. Gambling, eating, and walking before heading over to the CES Convention where I hung out in the Canon location talking cameras and photography for a couple hours waiting for Lady Gaga to make her appearance. She was there to promote her new Gray Label for Polaroid (sorry blurry photo). It was a good time looking at all the new technology stuff that is coming out, 3D seems to be the next big thing!
Left: Rachel won AGAIN; Middle: Margaritaville; Right: Lady Gaga
Friday: Drove home, exhaustion and all.
Overall Rating= 11 out of 10!

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