Where to begin…

First, let me start off by saying…my life over the past two weeks has been hectic! On top of school work (aka reading), clinicals and work, I don’t get much free time during the weekdays. I still enjoy going to the school and hospital very much, which is a good thing since it’s what I’m planning on doing for the rest of my life, but am happy when the week is done.

The weekends is when the good times begin. I mean, lets be honest, when I have a life again.

Last Weekend:
I now remember why I don’t go out for Thirsty Thursday anymore. Peer pressure sure does get me after a long week of business. Let’s just say I was lucky I survived a 3 hour class that goes from 1-4 on a Friday afternoon. NEVER AGAIN!

Friday, though after I slept, turned into one hell of a night. My roommate, Kristin, had a friend up visiting, and we wanted to make sure she had a great time. After all, it was her first time in Flagstaff. Well we succeeded! We laughed. We drank. And, let’s be serious, just had an all around good time. We were feeling the “great time” the next morning (Saturday) but nothing a pizza can’t cure! As for me, my Saturday night consisted on me laying on my couch watching chick flicks!!!

This weekend:
Another weekend, more crazy graduate school moments. As a program, we call ourselves, “Speechies,” which basically means we are Speech-Language-Pathologist in training, and this weekend we had, what we like to call, “A Speechies Night Out.”
Yes, that’s right, we designate special nights out to ourselves, though we had a good reason too. It was one of our classmate’s birthday, and we never not celebrate a birthday. And celebrate we did! We hit the usually hot spots of downtown, and danced the night away (pictures to come). By the end of the night, Jeanine (birthday girl), Kristin (my roommate), and myself wanted tacos, so $32 later we had our tacos!!! Mind you, this was only Friday night. 
Saturday night remains to be spoken about. It was a good time and what happens downtown stays downtown. I will mention that nothing bad happened, it was just a little out of control to mention in detail! 

Valentine’s Day/Arizona’s 99th Birthday

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day, and I don’t know if it was karma biting me in the butt or what, but I spent the day at home under quarantine. All because I got stupid pink eye. On the plus side, I know I have two parents, three siblings, and a nephew who will always be my valentine’s regardless of what happens!

Now, until next time…
Stay Classy


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