Snow Boarding Queen

A few month ago something quite exciting happened in my life. Okay well two exciting things. 1) My little brother turned 21…FINALLY; 2) I went snowboarding for the first time ever and I didn’t get hurt. Talk about an accomplishment! Now, your probably saying to yourself, “Nicole, you lived in Flagstaff for two years and this is your first time going snowboarding?” Well the answer is yes. Grad school is tough and not to mention time consuming and I finally just said “what the hell” and went. 

I guess you could say I had some “peer pressure” as I did go with two of my friends, Jeanine and Kristin (roommate), but still I went. Surprisingly, it wasn’t talk difficult. I was up standing in an hour, which I think is pretty impressive. This is not saying that I did not fall because did I biffed it hard core one time and got the wind knocked out of me. Nor is it saying I’m about to start doing crazy jumps but I was pretty impressive on the mountain!!! Here are some photos…I know a little delayed but better late then never!

Top left: Jeanine and I on the lift; Top right: Kris and Jeanine at the beginning of the day
Bottom left and right: Me on the Board!!!

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