The Past Few Months…..

Where has time flown.. I recently realized that it’s been since February and so here are some things that have happened to me since then.

1) Joel Turned 21…well I know technically his birthday was in February we didn’t get a chance to celebrate it until march/spring break. Not going to lie though, it was well worth it because our cousin Rachel was able to celebrate with us. It was a good night full of laughter!

Mill Ave. was our spot for the night!

2) The Jeffries came to Phoenix and Ryan finally got to meet the little munchkin.

3) Easter Weekend and the teething little boy. Oh yeah, did I mention that I love this little boy and got to spend an entire day with him 🙂
4) NO MORE CLASSES = HAPPY HOUR! I guess this is what happens when graduate students finish up their final final EVER!
5) Canadian Tuxedo…I should mention that this was a celebration of finishing up the school year! We rocked it wearing nothing but jeans and had a blast!

Stay tuned…

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