My Weekend in Iowa

The day started out assisting my grandfather in cleaning out cabin, as his girlfriend and him were throwing a little party that evening. It wasn’t very exciting so my mother and I decided we would head to my aunt’s house in Algona. It was actually perfect for me because one of my good friends from college was getting married the next day!!! That night was spent hanging out with my family and meeting up with my lovely friends, who I haven’t seen in a year, at a local bar. I almost started crying I was so happy!!!

Wedding Day for my lovely friend, Ashley, who I met about 6 years ago through another friend. Her and her husband are perfect for each other and not to mention an adorable couple! I felt so honored to be invited to share their special day with them!!!


This day marked the first of many visits to the Cabin for my adorable little nephew, Jacob. The cabin is very important to my family and has been apart our family for almost 40 years, and now we have introduced another generation to this amazing place. The cabin is our home away from home and is the place where we gather as a family for some boating/tubing, eating, jet skiing and mostly just hanging out! Look at how much Jacob loves being here 🙂
This Sunday also was the first time in YEARS that the majority of our cousin clan (minus Holly, the oldest) was able to gather and capture a photo, or two, with grandpa! Words cannot express how happy I am to have this photo of ALL OF US because with everyone’s schedule beginning to get more and more busy, who knows when it will happen again.
Nothing really exciting to report for these days. We really just hung around the cabin being entertained by mister Jacob, who went in the tube and the lake for the first time. He also got to see his very first train that flies by the cabin and let’s just say…not his favorite.

Wasn’t a fan of the trains.
Overall, the past few days have been pretty amazing! I can’t believe I only have 7 days left in Iowa 😦

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