Second Half of Iowa…only 2 months late :-)

WOW…it’s been over 2 months since my last post and so much has happened, I don’t know where to start. Let’s started with the second half of my August Iowa Vacation.
 When I left the cabin with my mother, father, and brother, we headed down south-ish to Des Monies to attend the IOWA STATE FAIR. It’s the greatest fair in America and if you’ve never been I highly suggest it. We spend the day eating and wandering all the amazing booths and showing they have their and ended the night watching my cousin, Kelly, compete for the Miss Iowa State Fair Queen. She earned this chance because she won her county fair, and although she did not win Fair Queen, but looked BEAUTIFUL! While in Des Monies, we stayed at my dad’s buddy’s house and had a great time.
From Des Monies we head east to Walcott, IA to visit my dad’s mother…AKA my grandmother! It was so good to see her and I loved spending a few days with her. One night, our way home from grandma’s, we stopped to see my grandfather’s grave for the first time, I might add.  No one in my family has seen my grandfather’s grave as he past away before my parent’s were married!


You could say that my Iowa trip was filled with family, friends, love and happiness. I love being back home in Iowa, but I diffidently do not miss the icy cold winter weather 🙂

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