Okay, okay. I get it, I’m a tad bit late on updating my halloween extravaganza (well only 3 days, but late is late). For starters, I actually had a Saturday night off, which might not mean anything to anyone, but for me, it meant I actually got to see my friends. We all work crazy @$$ schedules and Saturday nights are the only nights free for us to get together! And yes, this past Saturday was all about rocking the costumes.

Now if you know anything about me, I don’t really spend too much time or money on costumes, because honestly how many people actually wear them more than once. On the same note, I normally don’t get Sat. nights off, so I didn’t have a costume to wear as of 3pm Sat. afternoon. Luckily, I have been living with my 11 month old nephew and had some simple, cheap and easy to assemble costumes in mind. I ended up going with Blue from Blue’s Clue (of course…it’s blue, DUH). I did have a little help from my amazing sister! I would say I look pretty dang cute for only having ~3 hours to assemble the costume. What do you think?


Oh yeah, I should probably explain the blue paw print for those of you who have no idea who Blue is. Well, she is a Nick Jr. cartoon who leaves paw print/clues around the house and Joe, her owner, must figure out what she is thinking about. Get it. Well, thanks to my sister, we decided to make my very own clues to place around the house randomly to see if people could figure out the clues! Nifty huh?

Actual halloween day is another story. For started, I had some type of stomach ache/flu/pain where I had to cancel all my clients and call out of work. I hate being sick and having to do the previous statement, but I could not keep anything down (I know TMI, but it’s my blog :-P). On the positive side of being ill, I did get to take some goofy pictures of my adorable nephew in his cute Koala bear costume. If you know my sister, this might not come as a big shock (she’s only slightly past obsessed with the animal). Lucky for Matt, Michelle said he gets to choose the costume next year! You cannot tell me that he is not the cutest koala bear EVER!!!




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