Bad Nicole…

Why would I yell at myself you might be asking?

Well, did you see the date of my last post??? Just horrible. I missed writing about Christmas, New Years (though not much to write about for the holiday) and pretty much the update on me!

Let’s take it back a little…say, Thanksgiving.

For as long as I can remember, okay more like the past 10 years (I think that is what we determined), my family and I have spent Thanksgiving with our good friends The Zeners (we call them LanZen Celebrations). We have about 15, some times more, people, all friends and family, who gather together and give thanks to everything (both good and bad) that happened in the past year. The pictures hardly explain the shenanigans that occur.


On to Christmas…Another LanZen Celebration!!

Twas the first LanZen Christmas Eve dinner in the new condo. 
Although fondue was not able to occur, a new tradition was started. 
Soup Soup Soup.
Cheesy Potato (my favorite) and Chicken Enchilada.
We also include a new competition- Minute to Win It.
Lang’s + Ashley vs. Zener’s + Michelle (they dominated)
Look what happens when 2 competitive families battle…


Top: Joel standing one minute….down the next.
Bottom: (Me) Focus and determination; (boys) Shoes are flying


Concentration was key!!!

Don’t worry, we still played LRC (left right center) but exhaustion kicked in (I worked all day) and no images were gathered! All in All…Xmas Eve was another eventful LanZen Celebration.

 P.S. Jacob was with us at Xmas Eve dinner but at 1 years old, did not compete. Which is why there are no photos of him!

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