What I thought I’d never miss

I went to dinner tonight with a long-time friend and realized I was complaining about being woken up every morning, regardless of the day, by my nephew, whether it’s being screamed at from the side of my bed to screaming in the kitchen. For those of you who know me, know that I LOVE MY SLEEP and hate anyone who gets in my way. But, on the drive home from dinner, I had a mini epiphany; after March 1st, my  adorable little nephew will no longer be my alarm clock. I will no longer have that happy face smiling at me every morning, yelling at me to wake up, or feed me for that matter. I will no longer wake up to 3 new toys in my room and a few things scattered around the kitchen/living room floor. I will no longer come home to a smiley and goofy , 15 month old little boy. I will no longer have my “getting ready” buddy, who loves to steal my hair brushes and empty my drawers into my shower. My daily/nightly entertainment will no longer be in the hands of a little munchkin, but will fall into my own hands. Talk about life changing events.

I honestly never thought that moving in with my sister, brother-in-law and (at the time) 9/10 month old never would change my life, but what else can I say besides…It Has. My little nephew gives me the best hugs, always makes me laugh, and recently runs to me to say hi. He sometimes cries when I leave him. He loves when I chase him (though he just loves to be chased). He just brings sunshine to my day without even trying. Leaving him is going to be so extremely hard and I know it will be an adjustment having to rely on an ACTUAL alarm clock now, but I know moving is what I am suppose to do.

What I am NOT going to miss…Mickey Mouse Club House- Hot Dog Song (forever in my head), Fresh Beat Band, basically ANY Nick Jr. or Disney Channel show, or poopy diapers. I will gladly leave those behind for my brother-in-law and sister to handle 🙂


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