My New Life

Well Friends and Family, I am officially settled into my new apartment. Thanks to loads of help from my mother, who flew up on Thursday to “check things out”, we finally have made the apartment feel like a home. There are still some final touches that need to be done here and there, but overall I feel at home!

Now it wasn’t an easy journey to say the least. I meet my mom in Seattle at Ikea practically the minute she landed! It was easier that way since I live 2.5 hours from Ikea. We spent hours, literally like 6 hours, wandering around Ikea finding the perfect bedroom set, couch and TV stand. The best part was, I KNEW exactly what I wanted, but come on, it’s IKEA. Anyone could spend hours wandering around. 🙂 It even took us two rental cars to figure out how we were going to get all the Ikea boxes to Aberdeen from Seattle. The first rental car was a Toyota Camry, which was not big enough, so we returned it and got a minivan, which was by far the best idea we had. Mind you, we already made one purchase at Ikea before we decided to upgrade to a larger car but none-the-less, we got everything I wanted into both cars. We even forgot a few items that I wanted. (oh well looks like I need to venture into Seattle soon)

Right after Ikea, we headed to Target, since we are girls and Target is only the best store ever! We didn’t get too much but we did do some damage! I mean it’s Target and I had nothing for my apartment!!

We finally arrived in Aberdeen after a long 8 hours of shopping only to realize we had to UNLOAD. I live on the second floor of a very old house (build in 1899) so the stair way was a little narrow. It took us roughly 10 trips from the car to get all of my obnoxious large Ikea boxes up the 25 stairs. Let’s just say we did not unload anything!

The next two days were spent wandering around Aberdeen’s Wal-mart, Ross, oh yeah, and Wal-mart, and putting together Ikea furniture! We all know about Ikea furniture and how NOT FUN and confusing they can be to put together, but everything was put together perfectly and looks AMAZING! I am truly happy with my choices.

The remaining of the weekend with my mom went better than I could have imagined. We visited my new place of employment, drove around Aberdeen to see the sights, went out to Ocean Shores (my beach access town ~25 minutes away), won $25 at the Quinault Casino, and visited Westport Winery (which is only 9 miles from my house). We did run into a little bit of snowfall but it didn’t really stick so it didn’t stop us! The one thing we both kind of realized towards the end is that we didn’t get photos of us really together, but this won’t be the last time my mom visits and hopefully she’ll bring my dad (and it will be during the summer time for better weather).

It’s taken 10 days, many store runs, and loads of help from my mom, but I can honestly say, I think I’m really going to like it here!!!  Next up…make some friends…

Aberdeen Lifestyle (photos)

Apartment (photos)

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