Past Two Saturdays

Last Saturday (4/21), I was planning on going hiking with a co-worker, but plans fell apart. To my advantage though, it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside. I mean sunny and 75 degrees with no clouds in the sky! I ended up taking advantage of the weather and went for a little day trip to the Grays Harbor Wildlife Refugee (about 20 minutes outside out town), which at this time of year, is home to shorebirds.

The trail head was located off of the Hoquiam Airport  (literally, you have to walk right next to the runway) and it took only 25-30 minutes to walk to the end of the trail. Sadly, no shorebirds made appearances that day, but I was able to soak in a little sun and relax in a tank top!!! Plus, I captured some wonderful images of parts of Grays Harbor (Hoquiam and Ocean Shores). Click Here to check them out!

Rainy Saturday 4/28

Yes, that’s right. It was raining ALL day today. I was planning on going hiking in the Hoh Rainforest (part of Olympic National Park), but unfortunately I did not get a early start and got there too late in the day to start hiking! Luckily, since it was raining, the 101 highway wasn’t too busy, so I was able to venture off the road to popular locations without the hustle and bustle of people. To be honest, I didn’t have too much of a plan and basically just stopped whenever I thought it was pretty.

My first stop of the day included parts of Kalaloch Beach and Ruby Beach, which are both part of The Coastal Clock (includes Olympic National Park, Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary and the offshore National Wildlife Refuges). The park protects about 73 miles of wild coast, which the sanctuary manages 3,300 square miles of marine waters. Coastal trails and overlooks reveal this national treasure of clattering seabird colonies, kelp forests and diverse shorelines. I must say, I did enjoy visiting these beaches while it was raining, gave it most mystic.

Continuing north on highway 101, I drove through parts of the Hoh Rainforest until the Fee entrances was required, and Forks, WA (not really all that much to see, but it is home of the Twilight saga). Oh, and I also checked out a Big Cedar Tree (and it was spectacular! I’m beginning to love big trees). The Hoh Rainforest was very similar to the Quinault Rainforest, but yet different in the same way (hard to explain). Misty (my car), is really getting the hang of rain driving and off-roading. Most of the roads off the 101 are dirt roads filled with pot-holes. Don’t worry though, we avoid as many as we can. Overall, it was quite rainy so some of the pictures have raindrops but hey, it’s Washington. Click here for pictures!

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