Home Sweet Iowa

It has been quite the month of June. I haven’t done a whole lot outside of dear sweet Aberdeen, but everything I have done in town has been of good personal growth! We will save this for another time/another blog!

This past weekend I took my first vacation from work-a whole 4 days- and returned to the state I hold most dear to my heart and where I call home! It’s not the place where I was born, nor is it the place where I grew up, but in my heart, I feel at home. This place was where I went when I decided ventured away from my immediate family, learned to grow as a young adult and reconnected with extended family.

IOWA. Corn-Feed. Corn-Breed.

Following high school,I was provided the opportunity to return to the place my father went to school and where my mother’s two sisters both went (I know I have more but if I don’t end now the list will grow and grow). University of Northern Iowa. While at school, I became best friends with some amazing people, and my vacation was centered around celebrating one of these friend’s wedding to her prince charming. I was so honored to be able to be apart of her big day and so blessed to have spent a wonderful 2 days with old friends and new friends, and some friends who I haven’t seen in YEARS. It was the mental boost I needed, after four months of being alone and meeting new people, to be able to reconnect and relearn about my friends and their new lives. The bride, Lindsay, and her husband are truly a match made in heaven and both their families could not have been more wonderful. I thank God that I am lucky enough to have these two wonderful people in my life. Not to mention the bridesmaid’s who have also became more like sisters to me and to the friends who also joined into the wedding festivities celebrations, who mean the world to me. It is truly a blessing to know that I can be here in Washington, feeling at home, be able to return to my roots in Iowa and feel at home, plus Arizona, where I know will always be my home. There are people in this world who don’t know what it feels like to have 1 home and God has given me three.

Along with the wedding, I was able to spend time with my extended family on my mom’s side (dad’s family was on the other side of the state). Although brief, every second I got to see them, to hug them, to talk to them, were more than enough moments in time to recharge my heart. Spending time with my grandfather at the best place on earth, our cabin at Lake Cornelia, visiting my grandmother at her resting place reminding her that I’m doing okay and that I’m happy, having a heart to heart with my cousin Rachel, and texting my cousin Kristina about how I am Megan’s favorite cousin while sitting with Megan (still cracks me up reading them), were all icing on the cake for ONE AMAZING WEEKEND. Who can complain about a weekend spent with friends and family…not this girl, not ever!!!

A little bittersweet ending, since I returned to work with an overload of patients and paperwork, however no amount of patients and paperwork, could get this girl’s spirit down after this spectacular weekend I spent in Home Sweet Iowa!

Click here for pictures

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