Bumper Kayaks

Saturday marked the first true part-team adventure for my work. We went kayaking on Lake Quinault, which is located in Olympic National Park over looking the Cascades. It was a little unplanned and it originally started with just two people and slowly grew into majority of my team plus two from our sister facility down in Raymond! We could not have asked for a better day. It was a little breeze, sunny without clouds and 75 degrees. This kayaking adventure marked my very first ever kayaking experience and lets just say, I want to get my own now; I’m Hooked! I loved every minute of it and didn’t tip over once! Yay me!!

Before we started, the boat guy pointed out the salmon hatchery located on the lake and told us it would make more sense to start out going against the wind because it’s more difficult. Well here is what I learned, when kayaking going WITH the wind is MUCH harder that going AGAINST the wind. It also requires much more shoulder strength. It took us nearly twice as long heading back to the resort than it did for us to go to the hatchery. However I did learn that I’m much better at paddling when going backwards. Granted I really didn’t mean to go backwards but it made everyone laugh because I went faster backwards than forwards. By the end of the 2-hour adventure, we were so tired that we ended up playing a little bumper kayaks. It was actually on purpose because we were having some trouble guiding out kayaks, but it did look a little like bumper kayaks. Before we left, we had a nice little spontaneous picnic on the beach at Lake Quinault Lodge, where we hung out in the sun and got to know each other a little more! I did end up getting a little burnt (now tan) but it was 100% worth it!

Click here for pictures

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