Bushwacked by Bob

Well, Colonel Bob Trail that is!  Saturday 7-14-2012, my friend Sydney and I meet up with a few fellow church members to tackle Colonel Bob Trail, which is ranked the most difficult and strenuous hike in the region. Sydney, who is from Indiana/Iowa, is another CF speech therapist and started working with me on Monday. She has been living in Aberdeen for approximately 3 weeks and has never been hiking before. Believe it or not (though we have pictures to prove it), WE both made it too the top-ish (6.3/7.2 miles). Sydney slightly over exerted herself but was so determined to make it that she never gave up! I just hope she wants to continue exploring this region with me!!! I can say it was a good change in atmosphere hiking with other people (who we didn’t know prior to yesterday) and especially people who knew everything there was to know about the specific hike we did! Now on to the hike…

This trail is located roughly 60 miles north of Aberdeen up the 101 and took us roughly 3.5 hours to ascend to 3500 feet above sea level. The ascend was a total of 6.3 miles and took us to an area known as Moonshine Flats, which overlooks the Olympic Mountains (breath-taking and no the pictures do not do it justice as I didn’t take my DSLR). The trail weaves between dense old-growth conifer forest with lush understory of rain forest vegetation (old-growth stands of Douglas-fir, Sitka spruce, western hemlock and western red cedar). On this hike, we were surrounded by maidenhair and sword ferns, huge Doug Firs, Cedars and cascading water.  We crossed over a creek, climbed over logs (more like straddled logs), played in snow, and at one point, I felt as if we were scaling the side of a mountain. At that point, when you looked out to the horizon all you could see was DOWN. Granted it was a beautiful downward view, but still a little scary. It is difficult to use words to truly describe how much work I put my body through yesterday and how much pain I am currently in/will be in, but I would not have had it any other way! The view at the top was more than enough to made up for the sweat and pain. It has even motivated Sydney and I to attempt the ascend next year all the way to the summit!!!!

Click here for pictures.

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