Portland Birthday Bash

In the past 26 years, I have always enjoyed my birthday and figuring out where I’would be spending it. In the past few years, I’ve spent my birthday in Iowa; Managua, Nicaragua; Flagstaff, Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona and this past year, Portland, Oregon. Talk about one lucky girl! Can you believe that I’m already trying to plan my next birthday, well mostly where I’m going!

Portland, OR was more than I could have asked for and cannot wait to return for some more sight seeing. I had an amazing host who before this weekend only met once, but now I can call her a great friend, and two other really great friends who came to help celebrate! When we arrived on Friday, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since I know nothing about Portland night life…well anything about Portland really. We were able to have quite the enjoyable night bar hopping throughout downtown Portland.

Due to a long and fun-filled night, we got off to a late start on Saturday. That didn’t prevent us from wandering to the Saturday Market, after a delicious breakfast, to find something to purchase. Can you blame me for buying my own birthday present? I mean it is a BEAUTIFUL necklace/earring combo and BLUE!!! Following the market, a few of the girls headed back to the apartment while Sydney and I ventured out and decided to take a little walk along the waterfront and then headed to the Chinese Garden. It was so peaceful and relaxing walking through the garden. We even decided to kick up our feet and enjoy a few cups of tea, which for those who know me…I LOVE TEA! We were taught the proper way to soak tea leaves to obtain the most perfect cup of tea. We taste tested five different types, including one of each of the following: white, green, oolong, black, and pu-er. This tea testing has earned a positive remarks in my book, and increases my want to travel to China! I do have to say it was wonderful exploring parts of Portland with someone who enjoys exploring as much as me!

After our Saturday night dinner (home cooked meal by the wonderful host, Marci), we began to get ready for night 2 on the town to celebrate my birthday and new friendships! Let’s just say overall my weekend in Portland was one for the books and hopefully I can return again SOON!!!

Click here for Portland Pictures

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