Let me set the stage for you…The Columbia River Gorge , cowboy hats and boots, red solo cups, camping, and 2 whole days of country music. That’s right I spent 2 whole days camping out, listening to country music, and hanging out with country boys at a concert called WATERSHED!!! This was the inaugural year of Watershed and filled with many big time country singers. Dierks Bentley, Sara Evans, Steve Holy, Tracy Lawrence, Dwight Yoakam, and Miranda Lambert. Blake Shelton was head-lining Sunday night with Thompson Square but my fiends and I were unable to attend due to our big-girl jobs.

Back to the beginning- I wasn’t quite sure what Watershed was all about but when Kristen, a childhood, fellow church friend, told me to buy a ticket, I didn’t hesitate. I mean a weekend full of country…PERFECTION. We were joined by another childhood MVLC member, Megan, and one of Kristen’s co-workers. Us four made up our group and BARELY fit our stuff into our 1 car- and still didn’t bring everything we realized we needed (lesson learned). Time to explain…we brought 2 tents (a 3 person and a 1 person instead of 1 big one), nothing to block the sun (it was 100 degrees), 2 chairs (not 4), and nothing to play music (stupid). We will totally rock this concert next year!! Luckily the boys we ended up getting a camp sight next too, were not only sweethearts, but allowed us to us their chairs and table (such gentleman).

Over the weekend I learned that I love country music and everyone else who loves it! Wandering around the Gorge Campground was quite a unique experience but every single person was so friendly and didn’t mind my friends and I joining in on every party. Granted majority of the time, it was stealing men’s footballs and showing them up (yes, we are girls and yes, we can throw footballs!). I did learn about a new drinking game called Beer-bee or polish golf, which was not as easy as it looked (though I didn’t actually participate as I suck as throwing a frisbee).

Fridays Concerts- we started the afternoon by heading to the concerts to watch Steve Holy (“I got a brand new girlfriend”), who actually put on a great concert regardless of the 100 degree weather. We didn’t say for the other smaller bands as we wanted to continue to wander, but we ended the night with DIERKS BENTLEY!!! We found our way fairly up close to the stage and I was in cowboy heaven! Dierks is very attractive and put on a wonderful concert (pictures here). I even made a sign that read “I’m from Phoenix. I love Dierks!”

Saturday Concerts- Although today was a much longer day (camping = 7AM wake up call) but since the concerts we wanted to watch didn’t start until 645 PM, we had enough time to nap. Today’s line up included Sara Evans, Tracey Lawrence (old school ) ending the night with Miranda Lambert. As we were more exhausted, we decided to remain on the grass for the entire day, but we were still in wonderful position to see a great concert.

Overall, I would rank this weekend as one of the best since moving to Washington. I mean did you check out that view I had this weekend. How could a country music filled weekend that felt like home (weather wise) and a picture perfect setting not be considered one of the best?!?!?

Click here for pictures

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