On Top Of The World

This past weekend, my team members (from both my facilities I work at now) ventured out into the wilderness to experience the top of the world by taking a gondola ride up Crystal Mountain. Before we arrived at the resort, we took a pause at a location that not only gave a clear view of Mount Rainer, it also gave a clear picture of a WHITE river. Yes, you read that right a creamy WHITE fresh water river that tasted like SALT (gross). No I didn’t taste it but one of my co-worker’s husband use to work at Crystal Mountain so gave us a history lesson of the mountain and it’s surrounding areas. Basically, the white-color of the river is from the glaciers crushing rock and as it melts, the crushed rock mixes with the water. This process therefore creates the salty flavor to the fresh water streams from the silk deposits (minerals) off the rocks. Science lesson for the day :-)!!!

From there we continued up towards Crystal Mountain. Crystal Mountain Resort is located just outside of Mt. Rainer National Park with a gondola that ables one to climb to the top of Crystal Mountain in under 10 minutes, versus the 3 hours it would take someone to hike up it. Plus once you get to the top, you have the most spectacular view of Mt. Rainer and its snow covered cap. Crystal Mountain’s base is 4,400 feet and the summit is measured to be 6,872 feet above sea level. The mountain was originally the setting for a gold mining operation (similar to many ski resorts). It wasn’t until the early 1960s that Crystal Mountain resort opened for business. More History Here.

Now, Crystal Mountain thrives on tourists during both summer and winter seasons to maintain it’s business and following the 2010 addition of the Mt. Rainer Gondola, passengers of all ages can enjoy the view from the top. This place also has a fully functioning restaurant, The Summit House, located on the summit with views extending as far as the eyes can see! (Yes, we did enjoy a wonderful lunch there). I guess you could say my ascend to the top of the world (well Washington) was quite the experience and more than I could have asked for. My co-workers are some pretty wonderful people and I am blessed to have gotten to experience this with them!  Pictures here

Now… where to next?!?

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