All About Garlic…

The title explains most everything you need to know about my adventures today. Gwen (co-worker), Sydney and I headed to Centralia (located half way between Olympia and Portland) where we attended the 2012 Chehalis Garlic Festival. Everything, well most everything, was Garlicious! When we first entered the festival, none of us really knew what to expect. It was larger than initially thought, but that is never a bad thing. Other than garlic, this was much like most festivals with vendors anywhere from wooden birdhouses, jewelry, paintings and more, much more. Within an hour of arrival, we tasted infused oils, flavored jams and jellies, and tasted Garlic White Chocolate Fudge (sounds worse than it tastes). Oh, did I mention there were over 65 kinds of garlic.

When lunch time came around, decision time hit us like a brink. We had no idea what to choose from..go with garlic fries, garlic onion rings, garlic funnel cakes, garlic, garlic, garlic.  We FINALLY decided on Quinoa, garlic chicken and veggies dishes with extra roasted garlic. Now if you haven’t had roasted garlic, you are truly missing out. It melts in your mouth and has similar texture to butter, but better taste. During lunch, we meet up with our supervisor, our supervisor’s boss (who we love and is a fellow Speech therapist), and a few other Brighton staff from a different facility. It was quite fun getting to meet coworkers outside of Aberdeen/Raymond facilities. To end lunch, we thought we would have some garlic ice cream, and boy oh boy was it GARLIC. The first bite hits you and kind of makes you gag, but after that initial shock of garlic, it honestly didn’t taste bad. Although, it’s not something you can eat a ton of in one sitting.

Before leaving the festival, I was determined to try my hand at the Garlic Beer. INTERESTING. That is seriously the only word I can think to describe my experience with garlic beer. I don’t know if I was just garlic’d out or that is was just that strange of a taste, but I’m not sure I’ll ever try it again. Once is actually enough in this case.

The end of the Garlic Festival doesn’t end our day though! When we left, Sydney and I headed towards Long Beach, WA (World’s Largest Beach) for the International Kite Festival. We had the option to take 3 different routes and we chose the scenic route; Highway 30 (along the Columbia River) to Highway 101 through Astoria, OR, which was the perfect idea. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived in Long Beach, the Kite Festival was coming to a close, but we were still able to enjoy a walk along the beach  and boardwalk filled with vendors. From Long Beach, after enjoying a nice pasta dinner (Salmon Raviolli), we headed home along the 101, which took us along Willapa Bay at Sunset. The perfect end to a perfect day!

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