Family- Together Forever

I haven’t “really” be home for almost a year since I moved to Washington. I did go home in November, but really 51 hours doesn’t count. This time was going to be different. A whole 6 days with not just my mom, dad and brother, who are the only ones left in Phoenix, but practically my entire extended family on my mother side. My grandfather, both aunts, all 3 of my girl cousins, and one of my uncles all together for a weekend get-a-way in the sunshine! Oh and I forgot the best part- my sister and NEPHEW both came to join in the fun. Shopping or relaxing in the sunshine  and nights together laughing, eating, catching up, and a 5K run is nothing short of spectacular. One of the best moments of the weekend was when my sister announced her and my brother-in-law were expecting another munchkin this September! I knew about for a few weeks but it was finally out in the open now and we could celebrate together as a family. Another shining moments was when my mom and her 2 sisters gave each of us girls a charm representing my grandmother, who passed away close to 4 years ago from cancer. It was one of those weekends I use to take for granted. Once my aunt and uncle bought a second home in AZ, we were getting together every couple of weeks for dinner and it was just something we did. No second thoughts.  It was the refresher I needed after being away for so long.

It wasn’t “all” family however. Being away from home also means being away from my friends and to be honest, trying to be a good friend via facebook, text messages, and phone calls is very difficult. I decided that I would fly in a few day early to see my friends before the chaos of family began. Well as everyone knows life doesn’t alway turn out the way you planned. It was hard to plan meet ups during the weekdays when everyone was working. A little side not I forgot about; just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean everyone else is on vacation. Luckily, I kept myself busy those couple of days before the crazy madness began; like running 4 miles with my mom, dad and brother for this Adventure Run collecting raffle tickets at various locations around Tempe. Before my trip ended, I was able to meet up with a couple of good friends, one of which joined in on the 5K Torchlight run my family did together! All in all, you can say that getting a week vacation and spending it with family was nothing less than perfection!

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