Blessed Snowbird

This term snowbird refers to people who winter in warmer climates. For example, my aunt and uncle who travel from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Scottsdale, Arizona from approximately October through March to avoid the winter weather. Now, I didn’t necessarily “snowbird” in that sense of the word, but I did get the chance (with help from my family) to venture down south for a little family reunion in February.

I know what you’re thinking…”you just went home in December, why would you make such a quick trip back?” Well, the thing is, this trip really wasn’t for me. This trip was for my grandfather and my nephews. I don’t get to see either of them very often, so when my family plans time to gather in sunny Arizona, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity. This would be our second year of a Mini-Voss family reunion down in Arizona, only missing a few key members (2 uncles, 1 soon-to-be aunt, and 5 cousins) but adding a couple extras (cousin’s boyfriend, brother’s girlfriend and Gavin- my younger nephew).

If you know my family or any member of my family, then you know we like to have a good time and this weekend didn’t disappoint. Between good food at my aunt/uncle’s place, precious time with my grandpa, drinking in the sunshine at my parent’s place, night out on the town, running a sibling race, and family pictures, this weekend was packed full.

Our family keeps changing each time we gather and although age and distance makes it hard to keep in touch, time never seems to get away from us when we gather. It makes me happy to watch my younger brother and cousin experience life in a relationship. It makes my heart melt watching my 4 year old nephew be Big Brother to my 1 year old nephew. It tugs at emotions but happy and sad watching my grandpa in his roll as GG Pa, knowing were not getting any younger. It fills my soul with love watching as we gather around each other laughing and giving each other a hard time. It even brings me to tears not knowing when we might gather next.

I’m blessed to have a family so connected with each other and I’m not saying this to “rub it in” or to brag, but I am saying this because sometimes we need to remind ourselves how blessed we are. I need the reminder that I am blessed with a family support system, something I SHOULD NEVER take for granted. Be grateful and be blessed for ALL you have because there are people in this world who might not have what you have or be blessed for all you’ve been given.

This trip to Arizona reminded me of these points and makes me eager to plan/enjoy more family gatherings.

For pictures of my weekend in Arizona click this link

Stay tuned for next Mapless Adventure…

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