Young Living International Convention 2015

August was suppose to be the month I would get to see my nephews in Dallas and attend the Young Living International Convention. However, a few months before my departure, my brother-in-law was promoted in his job, which would be moving my sister and her family BACK to Arizona. This would me that instead of spending a few days with my nephews in Dallas, I would strictly be going down there for business. Though, it wasn’t all lost, because my sister and I would get to spend some quality time together. This hasn’t happened for over 5 years, basically since she has had kids.

I say business, because about 1.5 years ago (June 2014), I became an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils underneath my sister, who runs Living Oily, her business within the Young Living family. Compared to my sister, I am a small entity however, the international convention would be a place where I would get to meet members of our oily family and learn more and more about Young Living company, essential oils, and ways to integrate these oils into my daily life and into the life of others.

Each year, Young Living Essential Oils owned by Gary and Mary Young, host a 4-day international convention, where they would introduce new products and oils, provide a space for oily users to gather, and educate every distributor about the company, products and upcoming news.

This years theme was Light the Fire, which is also the name of a newly released oil (which smells AMAZING)! So many new products were released including a sports gel, two new kids diffuser, new YL Fit products (protein powder included), and several new Thieves line items.

Here is a summary of how our convention week looked like:

Day 1 Wednesday: Arrival to Dallas/Fort Worth with an immediate stop at Brewed in Fort Worth for home-brewed kombucha and duck fat fries. Then it was off for a mani/pedi before heading to Hip Pop for some shaved iced. Yes it was a 1-2-3 sort of afternoon before finally making a stop at the convention to be able to get our bearings straight before a crazed 10,000 oily users arrive. We even got to sneak in a little Club Red-Ningxia Red fun!!! (Ningxia Red is a Young Living product to support general health and antioxidants). Finally ending our night at the grocery store before heading over to one of my sister’s friends, who blessed us with a place to stay.

Day 2 Thursday: Opening Day: I started my morning with a Wake Up Thursday 5 miler run, as I was in the mist of marathon training, before we headed off to Roots Coffee to grab our morning caffeine. Once at the convention, we checked in, grabbed our goody bags, and headed off to the YL store to look at logo’d clothing, because why not. For lunch, we went to my FAVORITE sandwich place, Schlotzsky’s Deli, because I don’t have it here in Washington. The afternoon was pretty uneventful as we picked up our convention products we ordered and then proceeded to sit in line for the bargain tent, where we purchased YL gift products to support the Young Living Foundation. Then came the fun…the Opening Ceremony Celebration with guest Scotty McCreery (dinner included).

Day 3 Friday: Another must stop (according to my sister) was Sara Donuts, for our breakfast before heading to the opening session, which included 10,000 of our closest YL distributors from around the world! This is where they introduced all the NEW PRODUCTS and the new YL Fit Panel, which the Iron Cowboy is a part of and an AVID Young Living user. Following a break for lunch, I attended my first session, which I was invited too and got to hear from our founder D. Gary Young about the chemistry of Essential Oils. During this time, my sister was saving me a spot in line so I could attend the Oola: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World session. I have been an follower of Oola since my sister first introduced me to them and I was probably more excited that I should have been to hear them speak. That was our final session for the day (my sister attended another one) so we ventured up to the Expo and enjoyed a few Ningxia Bombs at Club Red, captured a photo at the Infused 7 photo booth with the Oola Guys and ended our night with Tex-Mex!

Day 4 Saturday: Three sessions were attended today. The general session where we learned about some business practices with Young Living and how to grow and expand our businesses within the company. It’s quite amazing the passion the administration is within this company and how much love and support they give to each of their distributors. After the morning session, I was blessed with the opportunity to go and listen to James Lawerence, also known as the Iron Cowboy, completing 50 FULL Ironmans (140.3 miles) in 50 days. Along side being a rockstar athlete, he has been an avid user of Young Living for 21 years and his session explained how he utilized YL products and oils to complete this challenge. It was actually quite fascinating learning about the products and how they were utilized to help further my knowledge.

After his session, we spent a little more time up at the expo before heading to our final session about nutrition and essential oils. For me, this session was quite “blah” and I stopped listening by the end. I have always ate fairly healthy. Tonight was a 5K Light the Night run benefitting Young Living Foundation, but after waiting around with my sister for an hour, we decided to leave before the race began. We were beyond exhausted and could hardly stand any longer. But we didn’t mind leaving early because we knew this race was 100% profit for the Young Living Foundation. It was another Mexican cuisine night completed with beer and tacos!

Day 5 Sunday: Our final day of convention but still nothing short of amazing. Young Living has quite the pocket full of motivational leaders. We were blessed with being able to hear from two…Kyle Maynard and Jon Acuff. Kyle Maynard is a ESPY-award winning mixed martial arts athlete and known for his summit to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. He did this and became the first quadruple amputee to summit without the aid of prosthetics. We listened to him as he described his childhood and growing up challenging to learn how to complete basic tasks with parents, who pushed him beyond excellence. He spoke to us about each step of his life, his career, and his accomplishments and not in order to brag, but in order to motivate and inspire.

Jon Acuff is best known for his writing. As a New York Times Bestselling author of 5 books, he spoke to us specifically over his most recent release, Do Over: Recus Monday, Reinvent Your Work and Never Get Stuck. He captured the essence of loving what you do, caring about what you do and who you do it with, and about the key ingredients to an amazing career. It’s hard to truly express what he taught me that day, but one thing stuck and it was his recipe. He said, “(relationships+skills+character) X Hustle = Career Savings Account”. It doesn’t take long for that to set in, does it?

After the morning session (including several tears), we jetted off to an off-site location for another free extra offered by YL. It was a class put on by their new panel of health and fitness experts called YL Fit. It was a 3 hour long class with various speakers to help guide us through the health and fitness world. This is an area that I’ve always been apart of, but what I most enjoyed was the ‘psychological’ side. I sometimes forget how this can affect our persona, and Young Living provides support to our emotional state with oils like Joy or Believe. It’s one of the many reasons why I love and support this company.

The YL Fit was our final session and although we did not attend the Closing Ceremony, we felt thoroughly positive about everything YL offered us during our 5-day and left completely exhausted. We spent the evening packing and preparing for our return flights home and if you think this is ALOT of information, then try being at the convention. I still don’t feel I have fully comprehended HALF of what I was taught.

In fact, my sister and I have already committed to next year’s convention in Salt Lake City, Utah! Young Living International Conversation 2016…watch out!

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