I’ve been a little M.I.A.

I need to apologize for my extreme lack of posts, pictures, and adventures. These last few months haven’t been very exciting. I’ve been working unbelievably crazy days, hours, and well, jobs. Yes, my fellow Mapless lovers, I have been working 8 jobs over the last 6 months and it’s exhausting but amazing at the same time. Let me try and explain…

My DUI took an extreme blow to my finances and Seattle is defiantly not the “cheapest” place to live. When I transitioned to a new full-time job, it hasn’t really been a full-time job and it makes it difficult to make ends meet. I’m not making excuses because I know I need to make the necessary cuts in my spending, but when your primary source gets cut in almost half you have to figure out what to do. In my case, that means working 7 additional jobs. My jobs include:

-3 PRN Speech Language Pathologist (this means on-call or when needed)

-2 Running Companies, when needed, doing booths, parking, basically anything they need of me on the weekends (it’s a great way for me to stay involved while on restriction)

-Young Living Independent Distributor (essential oils)


Now, I don’t work all jobs all the time, however I’ve been working roughly 5 of them consistently since February. Now, it might sound like a tough life trying to balance these jobs, BUT I LOVE my jobs as SLPs, babysitting my two double trouble munchkins, promoting health & wellness with Young Living, and those running companies are exciting, exhausting, and thrilling all in one. I choose this life and don’t think I’d change this choice. Learning how to balance these jobs, learning how to budget, and making things work is something I don’t have option of, I want to live in this location, do the things I do, and live the life I lead and this is how I do that!

If you are someone who’s battle a life altering financial battle, just know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. These are people who look like they have their act together and struggle daily just like you and if you continue to work your ASS off, you can accomplish anything. I pray daily that my situation will change and I can slow down, but honestly it won’t change anytime soon, and I’m going to continue doing what I do and working how I work. Reach out to someone, anyone, who can help you through this struggle/battle.


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