Royal Caribbean Day 3: St. Kitts

Day 3: Basseterre, St. Kitts

Date: 23 April 2018
Port: Port Zante, Basseterre, St. Kitts
Time on Island: 8am-4:30pm
Distance between St. Maarten and St. Kitts: 88.15 km or 47.60 nautical miles (54.77 miles)

Our next port was St. Kitts and Nevis, capital and port city, Basseterre. I honestly didn’t know much about St. Kitts, so I was quite excited for this port. Darren had pre-booked another half day tour excursion of the island that would take us around majority of the island with several stops. One reason we decided for tours, was for the history aspect. I love learning and having a tour guide who has in-depth knowledge of a place makes experience the islands that much better. One of the things I was most excited about with St. Kitts, was getting to see foliage again after eight long months because of the hurricanes. St. Kitts was an island that was not directly affected from Irma or Maria.

We started our tour through the streets of Basseterre, before driving along the south side coast through small villages, heading towards Romney Manor. This beautiful manor on the hillside of the volcano is home to the site of Caribelle Batik fabric. Caribelle Batik is a local shop known for its fine batik products and handmade dyed fabrics which are made from accent Indonesian methods.

From Romney Manor, we headed towards Brimstone Hill Fortress, a UNSECO heritage site. We continued to Brimstone Hill and once we arrived, it started completely down pouring so we had to wait it out before we were able to climb to the top, where the fortress lies. But, because of the rain, we were able to watch a video about the history of the fort.

I was cold and am wearing a long sleeve shirt

We finally made it to the top of the hill and the fortress was beautiful. It had views of both the hills, volcano, the sea and the small villages. Darren and I spent a good half hour wandering the fort and looking out onto the beautiful island!

We ended our fortress visit with two locally bottled beers from Carib called Stag lager and Skol lager, both which we new for me! I also found out that the Carib Brewery and distillation facility, once called “St. Kitts Brewing Limited” on St. Kitts also bottles Guinness Stout, Mackeson Stout, Royal Extra Stout, Vita Malt, Ting grapefruit and Smirnoff Ice (and many others). It was a neat fact to learn about how these tiny islands have such a manufacturing business within the alcohol/beer communicate.

Along the way, we made a few pitstops. The first pitstop was an area along the coastline, where the lava met the sea. This is where Darren and I randomly ran into Richard and Karen, and honestly the four of us couldn’t STOP laughing! The second pitstop was a view point looking at the conversion of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This was my first experience witnessing the collision of two bodies of water, and it’s quite fascinating how Mother Nature works.

 We continued to drive along the beautiful coastal road with some of the most gorgeous scenic views. This aspect of the tour brought so much happiness back into my heart. It reminded me so much of the St. Thomas I once knew and everything was so green and luscious. Everything looked so healthy. Nothing was destroyed. It is still so hard to picture St. Thomas from when I first moved there, but this island reminded me about the beauty of the Caribbean.

We stopped at another location that shows a clear view of the Atlantic to Caribbean comparison on our way to the ship. It also gives a good picture of how hilly and mountainous the island is. Plus, you can see Nevis, their sister island in the distance. We didn’t stay long at this overlook as we still had a little ways to go before we arrived back to port and honestly it wasn’t enough. I could have starred at this overlook for hours. It’s the perfect picture. The mountains, the sea, the ocean, the beach, and the sky!

Once back on port, Darren and I wandered the port shops before ultimately returning to the boat. We were lucky since we had some time before dinner with Karen and Richard, who invited us to join them for dinner at 6:30, so Darren went to the gym and I headed to the hot tub! I didn’t stay long before heading to the cabin to get ready. I mean Darren and I just couldn’t say no to dinner with Karen and Richard! We have so much fun when the four of us are together. We’ve turned into one little cruise family!

After dinner, it was off to another game show, except this time, I was dared (at least I think I was) to join into the fun. Downfall to this experience is that it involved singing. If there is ONE thing you should know about my family…WE SUCK AT SINGING! The game show was “Finish the Lyrics” and you guess it…I was out after ONE song. I didn’t last long but that did take away from our night.

The cruise ship was hosting a 70s party so after the game show and as we were returning to our cabin we got to enjoy a little 70s music and dancing. It was a good way to end our night! Next up…Antigua!!!

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