Update on Life Post Hurricanes

Hello all my amazing followers, family and friends. I am so beyond sorry for my HUGE gap between posts and for not posting about my summer road trip with Kris. I honestly have struggled putting words to paper. I've attempted multiple times and it's just been so difficult. Finding the right words, finding the initiative … Continue reading Update on Life Post Hurricanes

2 Friends, 12 Days, & 3 Countries

This mapless adventure details the start of my summer break and vacation with my best friend;showing her the island I called home for 10 months, taking her to a new country (passport stamp included), and exploring the beautiful city/some of the island of Puerto Rico... 2 Friends, 12 Days, 3 Countries, and many Mapless Adventures!

Xtreme Trip of a LIFETIME

Whirlwind. Unimaginable. Incredible. These three words don't even come close to describing my weekend adventures in Puerto Rico filming an episode of Xtreme Waterparks for the Travel Channel. Yes, you read that right! I was blessed with the opportunities to fly, with two friends (Blakely and Michelle), to be filmed on natural rock slides in … Continue reading Xtreme Trip of a LIFETIME

The Beginning of My Island Life

It's hard to start this post because since landing on St. Thomas last Friday, it's been completely overwhelming. People always say "it's island time" and until you are immersed into the culture and lifestyle that doesn't mean anything. "Island Time" has a whole new meaning to me, and I've only been here for a week. … Continue reading The Beginning of My Island Life

Young Living Takes over SLC

Last year, you might have read my blog post about my journey to Dallas, Texas for the Young Living International Grand Convention (click here) with my sister, where we spent 4 days learning more in-depth information about Young Living Essential Oils, business building concepts, and listening to multiple motivational speakers for personal development. Now, some of … Continue reading Young Living Takes over SLC

New Challenge=New Adventures

My adventures have been at a minimal over the past many months because I've been working insane amount of jobs/hours but, the past 6 weeks has been spectacularly...difficult. I mean, don't get me wrong, getting my breathalyzer taken out of Misty was a major highlight, however there were just as many challenges as highlights. It started … Continue reading New Challenge=New Adventures

I’ve been a little M.I.A.

I need to apologize for my extreme lack of posts, pictures, and adventures. These last few months haven't been very exciting. I've been working unbelievably crazy days, hours, and well, jobs. Yes, my fellow Mapless lovers, I have been working 8 jobs over the last 6 months and it's exhausting but amazing at the same time. … Continue reading I’ve been a little M.I.A.