Largest City I’ve Ever Been To

Waking up in Taxco was quite magical. The view even better with the sun rise than it was at sunset. I cannot explain how beautiful this mountainside mining town was and pictures don't quite show its true beauty. Mindful of the view, we still had a early morning deadline to get to breakfast then onto … Continue reading Largest City I’ve Ever Been To

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s off to Taxco we go

Goodbye Acapulco. Goodbye beautiful beaches. Goodbye ocean. Hello Taxco. Hello mountains. Hello silver and jewelry. Hello haunted hotel. Are you singing it? "Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go" from the famous Disney movie Snow White. I bet you are now. I use this play on words in the title for 2 reasons: 1) To … Continue reading Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s off to Taxco we go

Time to Dive (Again)

Another full day in Acapulco and another day out on the water. Can you blame us? We are in Acapulco after all. What we did on the water varied depending on what each of us picked from the optional excursion Contiki offered. We were to select from kayaking, snorkeling or diving. As I won this … Continue reading Time to Dive (Again)

Releasing baby turtles

Staying up until 2:30/3 AM was probably not the smartest idea in the world when you had a full day packed with outdoors/wildlife activities planned. This optional wasn't a very popular one, but when Ish told us what we'd actually be doing, 4 of us jumped at the opportunity. It was the Stiffs, myself and … Continue reading Releasing baby turtles

Let’s hit the beach

I couldn't control my excitement when I woke up in Cuernavaca. It didn't help that I was feeling 1000x better this morning than the previous day, but waking up knowing that within 5 hours I'd be on the beach in Acapulco made it hard to contain. Our morning routine was pretty typical to the last … Continue reading Let’s hit the beach

The Contiki Journey Begins

Today marks the beginning of my 9-day Mexican Fiesta adventure with Contiki. We begin this journey  in the massive city of Mexico City or Ciudad de Mexico. Located in the heart of Mexico, this capital city isn't part of any one of the 31 states, but is part of the Federal District and is the country's … Continue reading The Contiki Journey Begins