Daddy-Daughter Adventure #3

If you would have asked me that when I agreed to go on the back of my dad's Harley Davidson cycle, we'd continue that tradition, I probably would have laughed. I never thought that we'd be blessed with opportunity after opportunity to spend quality time together. This adventure however kept me at home as my … Continue reading Daddy-Daughter Adventure #3

Blessed Snowbird

This term snowbird refers to people who winter in warmer climates. For example, my aunt and uncle who travel from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Scottsdale, Arizona from approximately October through March to avoid the winter weather. Now, I didn't necessarily "snowbird" in that sense of the word, but I did get the chance (with help from … Continue reading Blessed Snowbird

It’s the Holiday Season…

From beer festivals to light festivals, 2014 has probably been the most tiresome but wonderful holiday season since my move to Washington. It started off with the Elysian's Great Pumpkin Beer Festival at their brewery in Georgetown (a neighborhood in Seattle) with a group of friends.  This was Elysian's 10th year hosting the GPBF and included … Continue reading It’s the Holiday Season…

Nephews Are My Favorite

January came and went very quickly with not many adventures taking place. I've been so focused on getting healthy and preparing for my Mexican Adventure including working 6-days a week, that this Dallas trip snuck up on me. I've had this trip planned for sometime but when it came time to start packing, I was in … Continue reading Nephews Are My Favorite

Family Thanksgiving

Twenty-seven years ago this month, my parents made a courageous decision and uprooted our family to move across the country- from Minneapolis, MN to Phoenix, AZ. At this time, my parents had my sister, who was approx. 2 years old, and myself, a mere 6 months old and I know this decision couldn't have been … Continue reading Family Thanksgiving