It’s the Holiday Season…

From beer festivals to light festivals, 2014 has probably been the most tiresome but wonderful holiday season since my move to Washington. It started off with the Elysian's Great Pumpkin Beer Festival at their brewery in Georgetown (a neighborhood in Seattle) with a group of friends.  This was Elysian's 10th year hosting the GPBF and included … Continue reading It’s the Holiday Season…

Portland Birthday Bash

In the past 26 years, I have always enjoyed my birthday and figuring out where I'would be spending it. In the past few years, I've spent my birthday in Iowa; Managua, Nicaragua; Flagstaff, Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona and this past year, Portland, Oregon. Talk about one lucky girl! Can you believe that I'm already trying to … Continue reading Portland Birthday Bash

A Rocky Pointe Style New Year’s 2011

Rocky Pointe + Family + Friends + Good Times = New Year's 2011That really is the easiest way to describe this past weekend. I can't remember a New Years that was this much fun in some time, especially since my younger cousin was able to experience Rocky Pointe, Mexico for the first time. Not to … Continue reading A Rocky Pointe Style New Year’s 2011

Holidays 2010 minus New Years

Over the past month, my life became quite busy between the Thanksgiving holiday, school/finals and Christmas, which did not leave me much time to write.  Though, I can't forget to mention that being a new aunt and trying to capture every moment of Jacob's life has taken up a big chunk (all) of my spare … Continue reading Holidays 2010 minus New Years

Halloween and Homecoming Weekend.

Last year during Homecoming, I had to work but not this year. I was able to spend the weekend celebrating with friends! It was a great homecoming/Halloween weekend. Friday night was spent celebrating Halloween at a local bar. I dressed as Mary from Something About Mary. If you don't get it google it. It will … Continue reading Halloween and Homecoming Weekend.