My Brand New Car!!!

As a graduate school graduation present, my AMAZING and wonderful parents, told me they will help me out on purchasing my first, brand new car (as my Mazda Tribute was past down to my little brother)!!! For the entire month of July I test drove roughly 12 different cars, ranging from mid-size sedans to small … Continue reading My Brand New Car!!!

The Past Few Months…..

Where has time flown.. I recently realized that it's been since February and so here are some things that have happened to me since then.1) Joel Turned 21...well I know technically his birthday was in February we didn't get a chance to celebrate it until march/spring break. Not going to lie though, it was well … Continue reading The Past Few Months…..

A Rocky Pointe Style New Year’s 2011

Rocky Pointe + Family + Friends + Good Times = New Year's 2011That really is the easiest way to describe this past weekend. I can't remember a New Years that was this much fun in some time, especially since my younger cousin was able to experience Rocky Pointe, Mexico for the first time. Not to … Continue reading A Rocky Pointe Style New Year’s 2011