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I won a trip?!?!?!?!

It was approximately one month ago when I received this shout out on twitter from Contiki Holidays…


What was about to evolve from this tweet was something I wasn’t expecting. Let’s start from the beginning.

Five years ago, I went on my first and only to date Contiki tour throughout the United Kingdom. What exactly is Contiki… Well, Contiki is a travel company, specializing in tours for adventurers ages 18-35 all over the world and is a community of past, present and future travelers with blogs, contests and instagrams of various travel locations. As just mentioned, Contiki hosts contests, every so often, to open up opportunities for travelers to win one of their tours. Now, I’m a very realistic person and don’t really expect much when I register to win. So when I learned about their #NOREGRETS days contest, I decided I’d enter. Why not?  I mean YOLO. This contest poised the question (using their philosophy #NOREGRETS) “If you could live one day with absolutely #NOREGRETS, what would you do?”. My response was…

photo 1One month after posting this tweet I received the shout out from above and that’s when I found out I was the WINNER of the #NOREGRETS days contest. This is not a joke. I actually WON. I had and still have no words to describe this surreal feeling of being selected the winner for a true to life honest post. I really do fear the ocean. It gives me anxiety just thinking about it.

What did I win you might ask…well, here comes the fun part. Contiki is setting up an ultimate adventure where I’m going to fulfill my #NOREGRETS day. Meaning, I will have to learn how to scuba dive and become scuba certified in preparation for a MEXICAN DIVING ADVENTURE down to Chetumel, Mexico (a city within the Yucatan Peninsula), which is located near Banco Chinchorro, Mexico’s larges coral reef, and the second biggest in the world. And it keeps getting better. I will not be facing my fears alone. Contiki is sending me diving in Mexico with CELINE COUSTEAU, Jacque Cousteau’s grand-daughter, who is a French explorer, environmentalist, TV personality, photographer, female extraordinaire. All I have to say, is thank goodness that I will have someone who has grew up in the ocean and diving, because I freaking out about facing my fear. Can you believe it…because I’m still struggling comprehending this information. I can’t believe this is real.

Oh wait, it gets even better. Following my scuba adventures with Celine, Contiki is sending me up to Mexico City to begin their 9-day Mexican Fiesta tour where I’ll be visiting Mexico City, Morelia, Ixtapa, Acapulco & Taxco (plus 3 World Heritage Sites). I don’t really know anything about this locations so it’s a good thing I went out and purchased some travel books. I need to get prepared!

A twitter post. This adventure is possible because of a honest and meaningful twitter post about a regret I’d actual have if something were to happen to me tomorrow. I don’t want to leave this world with fears that may impact my living life to the fullest. There’s no turning back now. I will FACE MY FEAR and dive the ocean! AHHH I’m so extremely excited April. Stay tuned for more about my trip and adventure!

****Picture from Main Page= My dad overlooking the Sea of Cortex from a restaurant in Puerto Penasco, Mexico (AKA Arizona Beach Front Property)

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