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Let’s hit the beach

I couldn’t control my excitement when I woke up in Cuernavaca. It didn’t help that I was feeling 1000x better this morning than the previous day, but waking up knowing that within 5 hours I’d be on the beach in Acapulco made it hard to contain.

Our morning routine was pretty typical to the last two days: 7am breakfast; 7:45am on the bus. No body was arguing or dilly-dallying because we all had one thing on our mind, okay well 3: Surf, sun and sand. Today’s bus ride was estimated at around 4-5 hours with 1 rest stop and not much else. Most of the crew rested or napped during the bus ride, a few played chess, and I chose to work a little bit on the computer and listen to some music. I was thankful that the time on the bus didn’t feel to take very long.

When we arrived in Acapulco, we were given 2 options for lunch and as a crew we decided to head to south Acapulco to a shopping center called La Isla. I think the reason we liked this idea was that it provided us with different options. I ventured off the bus with the Stiffs, Kristie, Amy, Aimee, and Nicola and we weren’t quite sure what we wanted to eat. Ish gave us a few options and after wandering for what felt like forever including getting lost and finding turtles, we ended up at the burger joint Ish recommended, Ruben’s Hamburgers. It still makes me laugh thinking about our contemplation over the matter, when we realistically should have just followed Ish. It’s about the adventure though right. I can now say that I’ve gotten lost in a shopping center. In all fairness the maps were flipped backwards.  After burgers, the Stiffs and I continued to wander towards and ice cream shop for some dessert before rejoining the crew and getting back on the bus.

We arrived at the hotel and were handed our room keys. I bring this up because Bec and I ended up having to change rooms after 3 failed attempts to enter our original room. I was frustrated but when I stepped out onto the porch, my frustration disappeared. It was a perfect view of the entire beach! I was settled in and changed into by bikini in under 30 minutes. I headed to Stef’s room (3 doors down) and we were off to the pool.

I spent a good couple hours in the pool with a few other tour mates and having a 7:45pm meet-up time for the cliff divers, Steph, Stef and I decided we should go for a little walk. On the way down the steps to the beach, I decided my eyes were better set on my camera screen and not the stairs and well, you guess it, I took a tumble-down 1 stair, scrapping my knees and having a good laugh about it. Thank goodness nobody was there to witness it (however I was recording it).

Walking along Acapulco’s beach was much different from Cancun’s. The beach was a bit more rocky and not as much white sandy beach as I was wishing for, but it was still a beach none-the-less. Capturing several pictures and chatting with the Stiffs was quite enjoyable as the waves crashed alongside us.

We were responsible for our own dinner tonight and having had some GI issues, the three of us decided that Italian sounded delicious. We headed to this local Italian restaurant not far from the hotel and as a trio decided on bruschetta, a salad and a MASSIVE pizza. Unfortunately, Steph started not feeling very well and by the time dinner was over and we were on our way out, she actually fainted (she was sitting at the time). Good thing, Jess (our RN) was eating at the restaurant with other tour mates, because she was able to check on Steph to make sure she was okay. Funny part to this whole story, was the owner of the restaurant actually started slapping Steph in the face trying to get her to become alert and I looked at him, point to Jess and said “NURSE”. Who does that? Who slaps someone in the face who just fainted? Seriously that does nothing. The poor girl just fainted, she needs time to recover. THEN…he calls the ambulance. At this point, ‘tall’ Stef, jets off to the hotel to try to find our tour guide as none of us (approx 10 in all) don’t know Spanish. This whole ordeal and adventure took place in ~30 minutes and was quite crazy of an experience. (Hopefully, Steph won’t get made at me sharing). I have been to Mexico dozens of times and this was my first ambulance experience and not one I’d care to experience again. Good thing Ish arrived and provided Steph with some reinforcements before we headed back to the hotel (via taxi).

There was about an hour or so to get ready for the evening as we had two things scheduled: the famous Cliff Divers and an all-inclusive night club. If you don’t know anything about Acapulco then you should know this: Acapulco is a destination-resort-party town and the nightlife is superb, so obviously we would venture out to explore this side of the town.

The death-defying cliff-divers, known as La Quebrada Cliff Divers, were quite spectacular. This is another one of the Backstage Pass exclusive inclusion offered from Contiki and totally worth the trip. The divers jump off of the La Quebrada cliffs at heights measured at approximately 35 metres or 125 feet. The area of ocean they jump into is known as the “Gulch” and reaches depths of only 6-16 feet and is dependent on the waves. I don’t know about you but the math doesn’t add to and never would I jump from 125ft into water of 12 ft. Talk about craziness. This group of divers was formed in 1934 and have been featured in a couple of major productions within the USA including Elvis Presley’s film Fun in Acapulco and ABC’s Wide World of Sports. These divers are crazy and brave at the same time, but according to Ish it’s part of their culture and are brought up around these cliffs learning how to successful jump of these cliffs.

Before jumping, they have to swim across the “gulch” and free-climb up the cliff. So before placing themselves at risks of diving, they place themselves at risk by free climbing. I don’t really know how to explain it in more details. I’ll leave the diving to them.

Once the dive show was completed, we were back on the bus and on our way to a local nightclub called “Paradise”. This nightclub has the option to high dive or bungee jump but no one on the tour opted for either event. What happened after we entered the club was pretty typical nightclub experience, however at midnight, we celebrated Amy’s birthday! I called it an early night, as in 2:30 AM early, because I was scheduled to join in the daily optional where I would be learning about the jungle and turtle lifestyle of the city. Stay turned for tomorrow’s adventure!


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