Best Friend visits Washington

One of the best things about my best friend is how random she can be when trying to do other things like packing. This was one of those moment. She randomly decided it was a good idea to book a ticket to visit me in Washington. No complaints here. She was my first visitor outside of my family and I absolutely loved having her here for a whole weekend.

Our weekend started out very simple and wonderful- dinner for two and hard apple cider. We spent the whole evening talking and laughing just like old times. We took the night pretty easy because I had a wine-filled adventure the next day. Yup, I decided the most perfect way to spend our Saturday was in Woodinville, visiting as many wineries as possible. There are more than 90 tasting rooms in this one small town just north of Seattle and I wanted to treat her to something unique to this region. I mean not even California has that many wineries within 10 miles from one another.

We started our day out at Chateau St. Michelle and enjoyed a combination of Rieslings and red wines (and the sun, which decided to join us). Chateau is known for their late harvest riesling (which is delicious) and I know my bestie Kristin isn’t a huge red wine fan. What better way then to start off at a sweet wine winery. From Chateau, we headed across the street to Columbia Winery then to Long Shadow Vineyard and Winery. After these three wineries we ventured off to a local pizzeria for lunch/pit stop before finishing our adventure at Otis Keynon Winery and Zebra Cellars. Luckily, our day didn’t stop here. We continued our adventure in Seattle where we ended out day dancing away in Capitol Hill.

By Sunday, my bestie was starting to feel the ‘pain’ of our wine-dancing adventure but this friend wasn’t going to let her waste her last day in bed. I practically forced her out of bed and into my car to be tourist in Seattle. Places we visited: Pike Place Market, Gum Wall, Space Needle, and ending at Alki Beach with the Seattle Skyline. Kristin was well aware when she booked the ticket that I love being tour-guide and I love planning adventures and everything we did was perfect, mostly because we were together again! It was a weekend to remember and I hope I didn’t wear her down too much to never want to return. Anyone else want to come and visit me in this amazing city of SEATTLE?!?!?!

Wine and Country Music

I always tend to forget how busy my weekends can be when I plan for something months in advanced. This weekend was one of those instances. My friend and I planned back in May to head to the Columbia Gorge for a Zac Brown Band concert for the whole weekend and by the time the weekend was upon us, we had a Columbia Winery event to attend as well.

Let’s start with the Columbia Winery event: This particular event was known as Swirl with your Girls and is women’s only, costume event. Within 3 minutes of arriving, we had wine glasses in our hands making our way through various booths filled with jewelry, purses, make-up and even cupcakes. Halfway through the event, we learned that the vendors were to vote on favorite costume for a prize. What was interesting is the fact that not many women dressed in costume and we knew we’d be able to win. So with a total of five of us dressed as Audrey Hepburn, we took over each booth telling them of our stylish attire. It paid off because we WON a free bottle of wine. We didn’t care that we were really the only people dress in costume because how can you when you win a FREE bottle of wine. But how can you care when you spend the night with wonderful friends in female haven drinking wine. Serious it was that great of a night.

In the morning (post-wine event), my friend Kristin and I started preparing our cowboy get-up for our time at the Gorge as we patiently awake for our trio to be complete. Once she arrived, we loaded up and hit the road. Our road trip from Seattle to the Gorge was quite an adventure within itself. Within approximately 45 minutes in, we noticed that we were “racing a car” passing each other every 5 minutes or so, laughing hysterically. We soon found out that this particular Tacoma was also heading to the Gorge and this “racing” continued for the remainder of our drive.

Upon our arrival to the gorge, we were directed into our camping spot, setting up our tent and dripping with sweat. The gorge is in the desert of Washington and close to 15 degrees, if not more than Seattle so it didn’t take long for our bodies to start feeling the temperature difference. It didn’t matter to us. We were ready to beginning our day/night of Zac Brown Band and cowboys. Let’s just say that a weekend filled with wine and country music is a solid weekend in my books.