Royal Caribbean Day 2: Sint Maarten/Saint Martin

Day 2: St. Maarten/Sint Martin

Date: 22 April 2018
Port: Philipsburg, St. Maarten (Dutch side)
Time on Island: 8am-4:30pm
Distance between San Juan and St. Maarten: 372.04 km or 200.75 nautical miles (231.17 miles)

First port of the trip and Darren and I were eager to start out pre-booked tour through Viator. We decided against booking directly through Royal Caribbean strictly because of our budget. We also knew that by doing so, we’d need to be aware of the time restrictions in order to NOT miss the boat. This was my port to book (divide and conquer) and after much research, I was able to find a half-day, all inclusive (yes, this means alcohol) Shore Excursion sightseeing tour that left from Phillipsburg, STM (Dutch-side), where our ship ported through Our tour, Sint Maarten Shore Excursion: Island Sightseeing Tour from Philipsburg was only $44 USD each and left at 10 am, which gave us a little extra time in the morning!

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Cruising with Royal Caribbean Day 1: Embarkment

Day 1: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Date: 21 April 2018
Port: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Boarded: ~3:30pm
Set Sail: 8:00pm

The start of the school year didn’t go as planned. I mean, how many people in this world can say that their first day of school consisted of boarding up their windows in preparation of the upcoming hurricane. It has been quite the adventure to say the least, but one thing was for certain…I was not going to leave St. Thomas without experiencing more of the Caribbean islands.

After several Facebook posts asking if anyone wanted to join me on a Royal Caribbean Cruise during my “Spring Break” week in April, I finally had a friend respond. And this particular friend is my world traveler (currently at 99 countries and counting!), Darren. We met in Mexico; he visited me in St. Thomas, VI; and here we were planning a 6 island cruise!

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