Royal Caribbean Day 5: St. Lucia

Day 5: Castries, St. Lucia

Date: 25 April 2018
Port: Pointe Seraphine, Castries, St. Lucia
Time on Island: 9am-5:30pm
Distance between Antigua to St. Lucia: 363.65 km or 196.36 nautical miles (225.96 miles)

The morning started just like every other morning on the ship. We got up, showered, got ready, and then headed to the buffet for breakfast. Following breakfast, Darren and I headed to the deck and take in the beautiful scene of the island of St. Lucia. Standing on the deck every morning was one of my favorite things to do on the ship. That first glance of this island and the others is something I’m never going to forget. We would do it every morning, but St. Lucia was my all time favorite.

Similarly to St. Marteen and St. Kitts, Darren and I pre-booked an island tour. I’ve found people either love tours or dislike them, but me personally, I don’t do well just sitting on beaches all day, especially since at this point I was living on a Caribbean island and had the chance to go to a beach all the time, so exploring the islands was something I really wanted to do.

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19 Minutes to Puerto Rican Paradise

Little did I know that upon moving to St. Thomas, USVI, my weekend getaway would be San Juan, Puerto Rico. I mean, when I lived in Seattle Washington, Vancouver, BC, Canada was an easy 4 hour drive and I didn’t think twice about taking that drive. Now here I am, living on a Caribbean island and a 19-minute flight is all that stands between me and my “weekend getaway”.

Seriously, 19-minutes from take-off to touch-down. The only downfall is that since it is a flight, I do have to get to the airport a few hours earlier. BUT, it’s still LESS THAN SEATTLE TO VANCOUVER.

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A Hiking Adventure: Wallace Falls

It’s quite amazing how one day on a mountain can turn into amazing friendships and more adventures. The following weekend after Bandera, included just that. Myself, along with four other girls (one who I met on Bandera) adventured out into the Central Region of the Cascades to a hike called Wallace Falls. Wallace Falls is a 5.5 mile, 1,200 ft elevation gain trail that consists of a unique series of approximately 9 waterfalls, with one as tall as 265 feet.  While on this trial, the girls and I decided we would where we explored both on and off the path. Yes, Krista, Isabella and I enjoyed the “other side of the fence”. Let me try to explain this “other side of the fence” statement.

When we would come to a lookout point along the trial, there are usually fences blocking off the rugged back country areas. Instead of just standing outside them overlooking the waterfalls, we would find our own way to get as close as we can to the waterfalls. We managed to get quite close and at one point I was leaning over the edge of a cliff all to capture a picture (surprise surprise right?!?!). You could say we had way too much fun on this trial, and well you’d be right.

Another amazing part to this day was that it wasn’t over just because the hike ended. We actually planned earlier that we would head to the beautiful, bavarian town of Leavenworth for the remainder of the day. You might remember my first trip to Leavenworth for Oktoberfest where I talked about the unique atmosphere of the mountain town. This time was a bit different. We decided to do the wine tasting side to the town vs. beer and boy, was it amazing. Many of you know that WA is the second largest wine production region in America and Leavenworth is home to approximately 9 tasting rooms. We visited 3 that day and 1 included my friend Krista and I ‘sneaking away’ from the other girls to taste some delicious Red varietals.

Like all days, this one came to an end with a sunset but was just the beginning of wonderful friendships. I can’t wait to experience more of Washington with my new friends here in the city. Check out the photos here